Vision and Values 

Our School Vision

Our school vision and values have been produced through consultation with our children, parents, staff and governors:

"Nurture, Grow, Flourish and...Fly" 

We nurture the hearts of our children, support them all to grow, watch them flourish, and then fly...

"To uphold and promote our Christian Values by creating a welcoming, vibrant, happy school where the wellbeing of our children and families are placed at the heart of everything we do.  

Through a creative and nurturing approach we aim to actively engage, inspire and enable all of our children to grow, flourish and succeed, having discovered a real love for one another, for life and for learning." 

Our Core Christian Values

The school takes as its inspiration the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and actively seeks to uphold and promote Christian values.  We have chosen four core values that are at the heart of our whole school ethos:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Faith in action

Therefore we aspire to:

  • Teach our children to love one another as God loves them.
  • Ensure that our children experience joy.
  • Help our children to be at peace with themselves and others... that they may develop their own faith and that of others throughout their lives.


Teaching Our Mission

It is paramount that the children at Rosedale truly understand what is meant by 'Every day, in Every way, Everyone matters'. The Lost Parables are perfect examples of this and a lot of work is done in class and through whole school assemblies to teach the children the message behind these stories. Here are just a few examples of the work Reception and Key Stage 1 have done to demonstrate their understanding of the lost parables: