Rosedale - Staff

Leadership Team

Mrs Cathy Draper - Executive Headteacher of Short Heath Federation

Mrs Vicki Stephen - Head of Inclusion and Co-Head of School at Rosedale

Mrs Alex Tibbitts  - Co-Head of School at Rosedale and Class Teacher

Mrs Jessica Cain - Assistant Headteacher at Rosedale

Mrs Elaine Dow - Assistant Headteacher at Rosedale (EYFS SEND)

Mrs Lucy Gilbert - Assistant Headteacher and SENCO for Key Stage One

Miss Sarah Harris - Head of School at Short Heath

Mrs Deb Walton - Head of School at Lane Head

Mrs Sally Kruczek - SENCO for Lane Head and Rosedale Early Years


Mrs E Dow - Class Teacher and Assistant Headteacher (class share)

Mrs L Clarke - Class Teacher (class share)

Mrs R Shaw - Class Teacher

Miss J Jones - Class Teacher

Mrs T Barker - Teaching Assistant

Miss H Titley - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Bates - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Winsper - Teaching Assistant

Miss K Cassidy - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Russell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Hopton - Teaching Assistant 




Year 1

Mrs J Cain  - Class Teacher and Assistant Headteacher (class share)

Miss B Bray - Class Teacher (class share)

Mr M Eddies - Class Teacher

Mrs M-A Harris - Class Teacher

Mrs K Sorby - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Crowshaw - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs R Chaggar - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Billingham - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs L Morris - Teaching Assistant 

Miss H Jones - Teaching Assistant 

Miss J Hanney - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs A Clowes - Teaching Assistant 

Miss K Henworth - Teaching Assistant 



Year 2

Mrs A Tibbitts - Class Teacher and Co-Head of School (class share)

Mrs K Sheldon- Class Teacher (class share)

Miss C Edge - Class Teacher

Mr F Hodson - Class Teacher

Miss J Bromwich - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Osborne - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs J Targett - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Lowe - Teaching Assistant 

Miss C Moseley - Teaching Assistant 

Miss A Orme - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs A Hack - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs K Parker - Teaching Assistant 

Miss M Cook - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hall - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Kett - Teacher across the school

Mrs P Cottam - Teacher across the school

 Nurture and Inclusion Team

Mrs M Davies - Family Support Advisor

Mrs L-A Walton - Rainbows Provision Lead

Mrs K Tye - Meerkats Provision Lead

Miss N Meredith - Meerkats Provision Lead

Mr D Stephen - Nurture Provision Lead

Miss J Yates - Pandas Provision Lead

Miss E Aston - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Rose - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Shaw - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hall - Teaching Assistant

Miss C Moseley - Teaching Assistant

Miss C Palmer - Teaching Assistant

Mr D Scotto - Teaching Assistant

 Admin and Site Staff 

Mr N Millward - Federation Business Manager

Miss H Cooper - School Administrator

Mr P Day - Federation Site Manager

Mr M Jones - Caretaker

Mrs C Brown - Domestic Supervisor

Mrs C Coyne - Domestic Supervisor

Mrs G Barley - Domestic Supervisor

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs B Fiddler - Principal Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Street - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L Perry - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Smith - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Clarke - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Richardson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms S Millett - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Wilkey - Lunchtime Supervisor