Christian Value Crew

What is ‘The Christian Value Crew’?

The Christian value Crew is led by Mrs Sheldon and consists of 2 children from each class in Years 1 and 2. We meet half-termly and share our religious views with one another in a supportive and caring environment. Whilst sharing our views, we respect each other's religious beliefs and opinions. 


What do we do?

We work together to help promote our core Christian Values, with the aim of making a difference to both the school and the wider community. 


We help to lead our worship during our Collective Worship by lighting the candle and leading the grace. They also help to plan a service of worship once every half-term and enjoy being part of the worship themselves. During our class worship on Thursdays, The Christian Value Crew helps to begin the worship and support the class teacher within their own class.                                                                                                             
We have also supported with the Harvest charity work through The Black Country Food Bank and have helped towards our Christmas and Easter services.  


How do we make a difference?

We also help to educate our friends on these 'big issues' through class and whole school Worship. 


Together we help everyone and follow our school motto; 


'Every day, in every way, everyone matters’

If you would like to know anything more, then please contact Mrs Sheldon.

Meet our Christian Value Crew 2019/2020...

Children were asked why they had volunteered to be a part of our Christian Value Crew...

Year 1 - Rosebuds

 Image result for rosebud clipart

Taylor - "I'm always kind and if anyone needs anything then I'll help them"

Ronnie - "I want to help lighting the candle to remind everyone that God is with us"


Year 1 - Bluebells

Lyra - "I love sitting in the hall and learning about Jesus"

Oscar - "I find learning about Jesus really interesting"


Year 1 - Snowdrops

Tia - "I like learning about God"

Brody - "I like it when Vicar Helen tells us a story"


Year 2 - Butterflies

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Rosie - "I want to be able to help people in our worship"

Tayo - "I want to be able to help people understand our Christian Values"


Year 2 - Dragonflies

Cozey - "I want to help at the start of worship by lighting a candle"

Jasleen - "I'm always kind and I like hearing stories in RE with Mrs Cottam. It's always something fun!"