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At Rosedale, we take the life and teaching of Jesus Christ as our inspiration. We care about and support each other. We work closely with Furzebank Worship Centre and our families to help local communities, charities and those further afield. Charity work is important to us and the children are taught about the importance of loving each other, just as Jesus Christ loves them.  (John 13:34)

Please click here for our Charitable Fundraising Policy

Charity Overview

The following charities will be supported annually. They will be launched in the terms as set out below. However, there may be an ongoing focus of support with certain charities. 


Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Black Country Foodbank

Young Minds

Royal British Legion

Children in Need

Children's Society

Faith in Action - Local Project

Comic Relief/Sports Relief

(Alternate years)

Njarange Area Project

Christian Aid

St Giles Hospice

Harvest Collection (Oct)

World Mental Health Day/Family Event (Oct)

Poppy Sales (Nov)

Themed Day (Nov)

Christingle Collection (Dec)

Mental Wellbeing Family Event (Feb) Themed Day (March)

Activity Afternoon (May)

Sponsored Event (May)

Coffee Morning/    Afternoon

Sports Events/Table Top Sales



In addition to this, we also show our support by raising awareness of the following charities:


Date(s) 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021
Mental Health Day #helloyellow 10th October


* *
World Diabetes Day 14th November *
Faith in Action Project (School specific) Spring 1 * *
British Heart Foundation Spring 2 *
Neurodiversity Awareness Week (ADHD Foundation) 16-20th March *
World Autism Day 2nd April *
Unique rare chromosome and gene disorders #shinebrightertogether June *



We had a fantastic year of fundraising last year. For more details of the events we had and funds raised please click 'Fundraising 2018/19'.


Fundraising 2019/20


We are having an amazing year of fundraising so far and supporting our chosen charities. To find out more about each event, click on the links below:


Black Country Food Bank/Harvest Festival

Young Minds - Family 'Pom-Poms for Wellbeing' Event

Royal British Legion

Children in Need

The Children's Society

St Giles Hospice - Christmas Fair/Christmas Jumper Day

Young Minds - Family Event 'Let's Get Talking'



In January, we had a fantastic surprise from Braiswick Photographic Company. As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations they donated a percentage of the sales made from school photos to Cancer Research UK. In total, they raised £46 from our sales which is fantastic!                                                                    


Faith in Action Newsletters


To keep up with all the latest news and events about our 'Faith in Action' projects from Rosedale and Furzebank Worship Centre, check out our newsletters below:


Autumn 1 2019/20

Autumn 2 2019/20

Spring 1 2019/20

Spring 2 2019/20

Summer 2019/20