Welcome to Year 2!


Mrs Cain and Mrs Cambidge 

Autumn Term -


Our Big Curious Question... Should Paddington stay in London?

A mysterious suitcase... Sandy footprints... Gloopy blobs of marmalade...

Who could have left us these clues?! During our first half term, we have met Paddington Bear! He stowed away on a flight, and asked us to help him learn all about the UK to decide if he should stay here or go home to Peru.


We have LOVED teaching Paddington all about the animals that live in the UK. We have studied herbivores, carnivores and omnivores (Paddington is a herbivore, as Spectacled Bears mainly eat fruit and leaves fallen from the trees in Peruvian forests). We have looked at how animals are adapted to their habitats (Paddington has sharp claws to forage for food, and strong jaws to eat those marmalade sandwiches!). 



Mrs Sheldon


We tracked Paddington's journey from Peru, over continents and oceans, to the UK. We have compared Peru to the UK, looking at the physical and human features. We have also 'zoomed in' to parts of Peru and different parts of the UK, comparing their climates, cultures and beliefs.

Spring Term -

Flying High ...

Landing Low

Our Spring term learning journey began with a mysterious parcel!

On closer examination we discovered that the parcel was covered in a range of stamps and labels. It was also addressed to us! 

After looking at the different images of aircraft we created timelines on the history of flight. 

Did you know that the Wright brothers invented the first ever aeroplane? It was air born for 12 seconds. But this was amazing! 

We used these songs to help us learn the names of the oceans: 

Spring 2 

We returned to school to the strangest sight! 

CAUTION tape was draped all over the fences and doors of our school building. Strange, peculiar symbols and patterns covered the path from the playground to the classroom. 

These images continued into our classrooms. We couldn't believe our eyes! Symbols were drawn over the tables and the walls!

Mr Day sent us a video of the school CCTV! Look what we saw ...

When we opened the parcel we found photographs of planes, helicopters, space shuttles and people!

Hiding in the parcel was this book: 

We really enjoyed reading about hot air balloons. We even wrote non-chronological reports about how they work. Take a look at our work: 

We also found out all about Amelia Earhart. One of the books we used was 'I am Amelia Earhart by Brad Meltzer'

We created our own booklets all about Amelia Earhart. We even plotted her journey across the seven continents and five oceans of the world.

We used these songs to help us learn the names of the continents:

We also learned all about Neil Armstrong.