Please read the letters on the home page regarding School Reopening Covid-19.

Please find below our recent letters for this academic year that are sent home. If you would like a paper based copy of any letter, please ask in the school office.

Thank you.

You have access to some great workshops through school health in Walsall. Have a look through the flyers to see if there's anything of interest for you.

 School Nursing Bedwetting workshop flyer - Coronavirus.pdfDownload
 School Nursing Healthy Lifestyles workshop flyer.pdfDownload
 School Nursing Puberty workshop flyer - COVID.pdfDownload
 School Nursing Service - Toliet Training workshop flyer - COVID19.pdfDownload
 School Nursing Service - Tolieting Problems in school aged children - COVID19.pdfDownload
 School Nursing Understanding your child's behaviour workshop flyer - Covid19.pdfDownload
 School Nursing Understanding your child's emotions workshop - COVID19.pdfDownload
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