Storytime Challenges


During lock down we launched Rosedale Storytime. The teachers loved having the opportunity to read to you all even though we couldn't be together. As so many of you enjoyed the stories, we began sending out fun challenges linked to some of them. If you missed out on any of these during lock down you can still take part. We have included some of our favourite challenges below:

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

For this challenge, we would like you to recreate the tea party Sophie and her Mom had with the Tiger with play (or even real) food. You might even have a tiger who could join you. Take a photo of your tea party and post it to our Twitter page. Tell us what the tiger enjoyed eating the best. Alternatively, if you don't have any play food, why not write a menu with all sorts of wonderful, tasty treats on that the tiger would just love to eat. It could be anything you like. From a sky high tower of chocolate profiteroles to a quadruple burger stack with extra bacon, cheese and gherkins. You can use the template we have here.

To find the story, click here:

There's an Alien in your Book

In this story, a poor little alien crash lands in the book and breaks his spaceship! Oh no! We would like you to design/make a new space ship for him! You could junk model a space ship (raiding the recycling box is perfect for this activity) and decorate it with lots of buttons and cool features. Or model one out of play dough. You could even build one out of lego! If you don't have many building materials don't worry. Why not draw a space ship design on a piece of paper. Share your spaceship designs on Twitter and tag us in.


You can find the story on this link here:


Sharing a Shell

In this story, the little hermit crab who finds a shell does not want to share it with anyone. Until, that is, he finds life is much better with friends.

To find out more about this little crab, click on this link to watch our video of this story.

His friends are really kind. Kindness is what makes the world a better place and what makes a person a really good friend. We wondered what kind things you can think of to do for your friends? Write these down on and around the kindness tree on the template provided here.

We know how super kind you all are so this task will be a doddle :)


This is one of the children's favourite stories at Rosedale. Click on the link below to hear it:

For this challenge, we would like you to make a 'Supertato' or a superhero using a real potato! You could use all sort of materials for this: pipe cleaners, coloured tape, googly eyes, felt pens, paint, tissue paper, card, pins, felt, it's entirely up to you! There are some fab ideas for some inspiration if you type 'make a supertato' into Google images. When it's complete, we'd love for you to send us a picture of your super spud through Twitter!



There's a Snake in my School

Another popular story at Rosedale by the hilarious David Walliams! You can find our video of this story here:

Imagine taking a pet to school, any pet you like! Well we would like you to draw the pet you would bring to Rosedale if we had a 'bring-your-pet-to-school-day'. Then you can either draw, write or explain over video what crazy antics your pet would get up while they were here.

We'd love to see which animal you choose, please share your idea on Twitter with us!



Giraffes Can't Dance

First, take a look at 'Giraffe's Can't Dance' on this link

Gerald had so much rhythm in his heart - and feet - he just needed to find the right song. We would like you to choose your favourite song and come up with a little routine or just let it go and have fun.

You don't have to share it with us, you could just do it for fun at home with your family. However, if you would like to show us then why not upload a short video to twitter showing us a few moments of your funky moves. 

Enjoy :)

Supermarket Zoo

Can you imagine going to a supermarket where you can fill your trolley with animals!! The boy had a lovely time at the Supermarket Zoo choosing lots of animals. We would like you to imagine that you are going on a trip to Supermarket Zoo. What would be on your shopping list? Please complete the template (here) with a list of the animals you would like to bring home. They can be anything you like! I wonder if you can choose an animal we might not have heard of! 

Please visit our storytime page on the link below to find a video of the story,



Spaghetti with the Yeti

For today's challenge we would like you to revisit the story 'Spaghetti with the Yeti'. Please visit: to find it.

In the story, George kept mistaking the other creatures for a Yeti. If you met a Yeti, what do you think it would look like? We would like you to draw/paint/collage a picture of your idea of a Yeti. It could be mean and scary looking or just big, cute and fluffy; however you imagine it to be.

We would love to see your pictures when you have finished them. you could bring them into school or post on Twitter for us to see.



Elmer and the Rainbow

The focus story for this Storytime challenge is 'Elmer and the Rainbow' which you can find here

Rainbows were a huge part of lockdown, a way to show that we were all connected still, even though we'd been apart. They are always a way of spreading a little joy and happiness. In this story Elmer knows how important rainbows are and risks losing his colours to save one! So our challenge to you is to make a patchwork rainbow to honour Elmer's bravery. You can do this using coloured pencils, felts, collage, paint - what ever you like. It can be a little rainbow or a really big one!