Welcome to Year 1!


Mrs Cain


Mrs Tibbitts and Mrs Cottam

This term our learning journey is: 

Commotion in the Ocean!


Our Learning Journey began when we found an old, tatty map in our classroom. It was torn, ripped and even had holes in. It smelt a bit strange too!

On the map the children noticed that there were lots of different symbols.  We also spotted a very faint Rosedale sign, right in the middle of the map! Quickly, we figured out that this was  map of our school. In the top right hand corner the children saw the "X marks the spot".  We decided to follow the map to see what we could find. The children were so excited to see if they could find any treasure!

Finally, hidden away on our school grounds, we found a treasure chest!


We couldn't just open it...it was padlocked shut and we didn't have the code. The next day we spotted clues outside. We quickly went to gather them up so we could take a peak inside. We had to use our mathematical skills to 'crack the code' to unlock the chest.



We did it, we cracked the code and took a sneaky peak inside....

A diving suit, some flippers, goggles, an underwater camera, some old under the sea photographs, bottles, gems, jewellery and much more. We loved exploring the contents of treasure chest.  Along with all of the above we also discovered 2 books:


These books immersed us in the life of the famous inventor Jacques Cousteau. The children have loved finding out about his childhood, his inventions and the famous charity work that he did. The children have used this book to develop their sentence skills. They wrote brilliant biographies full of facts about Cousteau's life. 


Home Learning Journey

Here are some photo's of year 1 busy at work during the Spring term...

In our science lessons we have been learning all about the human body. We started by thinking about our senses. Did you know we have 5 senses? In order to help us think about each sense we completed lot's of fun activities:






We also learned how we can group different types of animals. Did you know that humans are mammals? We worked together to organise animals into their correct groups. 

We watched some short, animated videos which helped us to learn all about the different animal groups. Click on the picture below to access the videos.

In our Geography lessons we looked really carefully at the map we found at the beginning of the term and discussed the different symbols that we could see. Then, using a blank outline and a key, we plotted on key areas of our school. We enjoyed following the key to use different symbols. Some of us even created our own symbols and added them to the key!


We started the second half term with a brilliant book 'Commotion in the Ocean'. We loved exploring the different poems about all of the sea creatures. We used this book to help us write our own "What am I?" riddles. 

Before we could write our riddles we explored lots of new and exciting vocabulary including onomatopoeia words! 

What am I?

After learning all about Pirates (see right hand side) in our English lessons we are now writing all about Peter Pan and we LOVE it!

We used the following clip as inspiration for our writing:

Take a look at some of our amazing Peter Pan story writing. These pieces are re-tells of a short adventure story inspired by the clip above. 

During the last 2 weeks of term we will be planning and writing our own Peter Pan adventure stories. We look forward to sharing them with our families too!

World Book Day 2019

In our design and technology lessons we have been busy using mechanisms to create our very own under the sea moving pictures. Take a look at some of the finished products:

 For the rest of this half term we are learning about... PIRATES! We are currently finding out 'A pirate's life for me... What was life like?'.

We discovered a few incredible books that have been helping us learn all about pirates. They are:

See Inside Pirate Ships by Rob Lloyd Jones

The Pirates Handbook by Sam Taplin  

Horrible Histories Pirates by Terry Deary

These books helped us to learn some of main parts on a pirate ship:

One day, when we came into school we discovered some entries from Captain Blackbeard's log book! We really enjoyed reading them and finding out just how mean and fierce he was!

We decided to become Pirates ourselves to write our very own 'Pirate Logs'. We had to think about what we would do in our day. We chose 3 events from a bank of pirate activities and began to plan out our day.

We then shared our ideas with our friends!


In our geography lessons we have enjoyed thinking more about the continents and oceans. We added all the labels onto a world map and talked about the oceans we would need to travel across in order to move between continents.