Quotes from our SIAMS Inspection - March 2023

'The school is a haven of Christian love and the vision is a life changing reality'.

'Rosedale is highly inclusive and cherishes the worth of each member of the school community.'

'Staff relentlessly exceed expectations to both care for and support all pupils, including the most vulnerable.'

'Love is the essence of this school, elevating everyone's experience of life and learning'.

'The deeply considered Christian vision is evident as unconditional love in action.'

'The vision is so embedded that the impact of what is described by the school as 'just who we are' is in fact transormative and extraordinary.'

'Inspirational leaders expertly guide the school.'

'Parents speak highly of the support that is supported for them and their children. They feel that the staff go above and beyond and are the best people to help their children grow and flourish'.

'Staff are passionate about wanted every child to achieve and celebrate each step forward.'

'Inspirational and joyful collective worship is at the heart of school life'.