Rosedale's Learning Journeys

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Year 1 

Autumn Term 

Commotion in the Ocean 

During the Autumn term, the children will delve into the world's oceans learning all about what lies under the surface. They will learn all about the different sea creatures and the pollution problems within our oceans. As we move towards Christmas the children will discover all about Antarctica and the Emperor penguins that live there. 


Spring Term 


During the Spring term, children explore both real and fictional heroes. They will help Supertato tack down the evil pea and help traction man solve some mysterious. The children will also learn about our real life heroes; doctors, firefighters, vets and explore the history and life of Florence Nightingale.

Summer Term 

Woodland Wonders 

During the Summer term, Year One will explore and become familiar with many Traditional Tales. They will also become Percy the Park Keeper's 'helpers' as they learn all about which amazing animals and plants live in the woodlands. They will learn all about owls and owlets, and will practice retelling stories.


Year 2

Autumn Term 

Flying High 

During the Autumn term, the children will take off into the skies with the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong, learning all about how these people followed their dreams and achieved some remarkable things. The children will also read some fictional stories by one of our favourite authors; Oliver Jeffers. 

Spring Term 


During the Spring term, the children receive a visit from a very famous marmalade loving bear. The Bear will take them around some of the London Landmarks where they will be able to explore them in more detail. The children will  then journey back in time to 1666 and learn all about the Great Fire of London and the impact it has had on London today.

Summer Term

Safari Survival

During the Summer Term, the children will travel across the continents and oceans to Africa, specifically studying Kenya. We will explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts throughout. The children will create 3d maps to help them compare countries, design a safari buggy and use clay to build their own African masks.