‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new’ - Albert Einstein

At Rosedale, we aim to provide quality mathematical teaching and learning. Through our engaging Learning Journeys our children are given opportunities to practise and apply their mathematical knowledge throughout the curriculum. 

Through carefully constructed tasks we provide children with opportunities to manipulate and explore physical resources and visual models. We encourage children to engage in purposeful talk with themselves, their peers and adults. 

We use a CPA approach to our maths lessons, where we facilitate children in making constant links between concrete manipulative, pictorial resources and abstract concepts. 

As children enter their classrooms each morning, a 'Moving and Grooving Maths' activity is set up for them to participate in. This may be a song or it may be a practical activity at tables and will give the opportunity for children to practise a key mental skill. These key skills are taken from our 'Maths Passports'.  Please see the parent guide below for further information.


Year 1 Vocabulary

Year 2 Vocabulary