'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more things that you learn, the more places you will go' - Dr Seuss.

At Rosedale, high quality ‘Treasured Texts’ are at the heart of our curriculum; our entire Learning Journey each half term is inspired by these texts. We have one or two ‘core’ texts and we also introduce weekly treasured texts to the children to drive each journey forward. 

We love finding exciting ways of introducing children to new books within our ‘Reading Spies’ sessions each Monday – this is when we explicitly model and teach key reading and comprehension skills. Find out how you can support your child to read at home below.

Throughout each Learning Journey, children are given time to write creatively and at length (appropriately for their age!). They get chance to apply key skills and practise techniques they have learned through writing across the curriculum.

 At Rosedale, we teach handwriting daily through 'Kinetic Letters'. Our sessions are fun-filled and teach children letter formation through movement. We strengthen our core muscles to help our writing through daily exercises. Ask your children to tell you about our two cheeky monkeys, Bounce and Skip, and how they help us to form our letters. You can read more about Kinetic Letters below.

Rosedale's English Curriculum Intent

Kinetic Letters Families

Rosedale's English Curriculum Progression Overview

How can you support reading at home?