Welcome to Year 2!


Mrs Kett and Mrs Sheldrake

This term our learning journey is 'Frozen'. We were amazed to find a strange, well-travelled package stranded in our school grounds and we couldn't believe our eyes when we opened it to find a mysterious egg inside!

What will hatch from the egg? Where has it come from?

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The children completed a Science investigate to find out what material we needed to wrap our egg in to keep it nice and warm! We found out tin foil was the best and so we wrapped the egg up tightly so it was super cosy! Keeping it warm must've worked...because... we've now discovered that inside our egg was a...tiny, fluffy penguin! The children absolutely loved hearing about the sound the egg made whilst it hatched! 


But now...we need to find out what we can feed our penguin chick to keep him healthy so that he can grow. We've contacted Dudley Zoo and are eagerly awaiting their reply. So exciting! 

 We found out that we needed to feed our chick 'Penguin Sick Soup'. The children LOVED following instructions to make the soup, it was so smelly! 



Mrs Sheldon

As Scientists we've enjoyed learning all about food chains and finding out that every food chain always begins with a producer. We've then enjoyed finding out what animals different animals eat. We understand what the words herbivore, carnivore and omnivore mean. Along with prey and predator! The children are now experts at understanding an animals basic needs for survival and can explain how animals change as they grow from a baby to an adult. 

Ask your Scientist to explain to you how a polar bear has adapted to live in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. Why does it have a thick layer of fat? Why does it have white fur? Why does it have sharp teeth? Did you know that a polar bear has partially webbed feet so that it can swim quickly in water? How fascinating is that! 


You could also research how different animals have adapted to their environments. Why not look at a leopard seal,  a penguin or an arctic fox.

In Geography, the children have been playing a lot of games and learning songs to help them learn the 7 continents of the world and the 5 oceans.