Our Curriculum



 Download our Creative Curriculum Policy in order to find out how we deliver on the above aims. 


EYFS Policy Sept 2016.docxDownload
Creative Curriculum Policy RD & SH Sept 2016.docxDownload
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Termly Overview

Our curriculum is based around three whole school themes, one for each term.  

Please click on the document below to view our curriculum map for 2016-2017.

Whole school curriculum Map updated AT.docxDownload
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Curriculum Evening Powerpoints

The National Curriculum can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-curriculum-in-england-primary-curriculum


Welcome Evening Slides KS1 2016-17.pptxDownload
Welcome Evening Slides Rec 2016-17.pptxDownload
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Reading Games for Reception children.pdfDownload
Read at home booklet 2016.pubDownload
KS1 booklet.pdfDownload
Reception booklet.pdfDownload
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How we teach phonics.


Fun Phonics

At Rosedale CE Infant School, we use a combination of strategies to achieve high standards in the teaching of phonics. Our lessons are broadly structured using the DfE ‘Letters and Sounds’ guidance and share a common format including time to recap and review, teach new phonemes, practise and apply phonics through reading and writing. We use a range of multi-sensory approaches and visual aids in order to secure children’s understanding of phonemes and we aim to ensure all our lessons are fast paced, active and FUN!

Read at home booklet



Family Learning Project.

Please click on document links below to find out about this half term's Family Learning Project.

Home Learning Journey FROZEN YEAR 1.pubDownload
Family learning project.docxDownload
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