We have teams of Buddies from each Year 2 class. This term our Buddies are from Butterflies class.

Buddies play an important role at Rosedale and we value their contribution to our school life. They receive ongoing training to help them fulfil their role. 

Buddy Job Description

  • Demonstrate the ability to keep our “Golden Rules".
  • Demonstrate the ability to share and co-operate with other children.
  • Organise and lead games with other children.
  • Be responsible for bringing equipment into the zones and putting it away at playtime.
  • Help children who are upset or hurt and bring this to the attention of the adult on duty.
  • Be role models to others in all playtime routines.

At Rosedale we have...

  • Playground buddies.

Kayden, Alyssa, Ciaran, Emily, Lacey, Jay, Frankie and Elyssia-Jai

  • First Aid buddies. 

Maisie, Yoan, Aimee, Dylan, Francesca, Phoebe, Connor, Kennie, Andrew and Lexi

  • Assembly buddies.  

Chloe and Ciaran

  • Lunchtime buddies.

Rihan, Jake, Toby, Autumn, Molly-Sue, Lexi, Riley and Cameron 

  • Office buddies. 

Ela, Connor-Ray, Riley, James, Dexter, Jake and Emily