Rosedale C of E Infant School

Federated with Lane Head Nursery and

Short Heath Junior School

Welcome to our School

Welcome to our happy, caring, Church of England School.  At Rosedale we have a motto ‘blooming for success’ and excellence in every aspect of our school life.  Our ethos can best be felt in the words that we sing as our school prayer:


‘Help us to do the things we should,

To be to others kind and good,

In all we do at work and play,

To grow more loving every day.’




Our Federation


Lane Head Nursery, Rosedale C of E Infants and Short Heath Junior School are part of a federation. This means that they are three separate schools, united by one Governing Body and one ‘Executive Headteacher’. The Executive Headteacher has a strategic role across the whole federation, and the three Heads of School are in charge of day-to-day matters at each of the schools. Sometimes they will ‘substitute’ for one another when we are short of senior staff on a given day.


The federation evolved in order to provide the maximum benefit to all the children who attend the schools. The schools work very closely together at all times and we have a wonderful Transition Programme to help children move seamlessly from one stage of their schooling to the next.


The staff have all got to know each other well over the last couple of years. We’re now at the point where it’s not unusual for a member of staff from one school to be in another school within the federation. Like children, we all have our own skills, talents and interests and working in the federation gives us a fantastic opportunity to share them with our colleagues.



Opened in 1968 Rosedale has:-

seven classrooms,

a large shared area recently re-designed with a space age theme by the ‘Real Rooms’ team from the BBC

a multipurpose hall, equipped for PE, for dining and assemblies

a well stocked and up to date library

The school’s extensive grounds are shared with Short Heath Junior School.  For recreation times we have a large grassed area, a large playground, a separate play area equipped with climbing apparatus, and a separate soft surface playground with play equipment for our youngest children

In January 1997 the Furzebank Worship Centre was opened.  This is shared by the Church, the school and the community and adds another dimension to the life and worship of the school.



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