History of Rosedale


Rosedale C. E. Infants School is situated on the west side of the borough near to Willenhall.


Rosedale was built to accommodate the pupils and staff from St. Giles’ Infants School in Willenhall, when it closed for modernisation. 


Rosedale C. E. Infants School opened on February 5th 1968, with the 135 pupils, the headmistress Miss P. Duncombe, and all the staff who transferred from St. Giles School in Willenhall.



It was not possible to provide a special bus for the children, so they had to catch a bus from Doctors Piece in Willenhall to the Post Office near Lodge Street, an Education Welfare Officer would supervise the arrangements and escort the children from the stopping place to the school.



Unfortunately, as you can see from the photograph, on the day the school opened the weather was bad.


The school is named after a former Vicar of Short Heath Parish, The Rev. R. Rosedale.


Reverend Rosedale’s grave is at holy Trinity Church.

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